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Red Caturra Natural


Red Caturra 2024 Vintage

Harvest Months April / May 2024

Native yeasts ferment the cherry on tables during drying to create distinct variety flavor palate. Naturally processed without inoculants or additives. The bold, rich flavors and sweet spice finish is sure to leave a lively and lasting impression.

Taste / Terroir: ripe apricot, floral notes and chocolate spice finish

Structure: Jam like acidity; Creamy body and mouthfeel, lingering aftertaste with dark chocolate notes

500 grams | Roasted to Order | Whole Beans

1 kilo | Green Beans | Vacuum Sealed

Please state GREEN or ROASTED in order notes

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made




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Our Signature coffee, Originating on our first farm in Mariah Dolok, Simalungun. Ladang Mariah translates to Lively Farm and lives up to its name for every lively occasion.  Back Bay Estate in Pematang Purba crop was propagated by lisa with cherries from a selected mother tree. Germinated and then transplanted into a polybag nursery for 1 year. The crop has been form pruned and maintenance pruned yearly for

SOIL composition: The soil in this plot is volcanic with loam, sand and some rock.

BIODYNAMIC: All Farm waste and Processing waste are turned into compost for crops. All Crops are shade grown with nitrogen fixing trees. All plots are planted with nitrogen fixing ground covers and flowering plants to support insect wildlife and natural pollination. All plots are planted with multiple fruit and berry trees around the perimeters to provide food and shelter for hundreds of birds and attract predatory birds. Rain water is cycled through for multiple farm and processing operations. Reforestation and agroforestry of Siamang Forest to supply additional food and income for people and feed multiple wildlife species within the farm and forest.

ORGANIC: No herbicides; No Pesticides; No chemical Inputs; No Inoculants or additives during processing.

SUSTAINABLE: Renewable resources are used for buildings. Renewable energy is used for home and office. Minimal energy footprint for generators which are only on for processing operations. Locally sourced raw materials reduce transportation costs. Shipping internationally as part of a consolidated container whenever possible to reduce energy use.

We ship anywhere in the USA from Merantau Coffee Roasters in Sylva, North Carolina.

Visit @siamang_forest_project on instagram for more details https://www.instagram.com/siamang_forest_project/

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