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Butterfly Stage Arabica Plants


Butterfly Stage Arabica plants at 2 months maturity. Ready for transplanting into poly bags or cones in your nursery. Choose between Red or Yellow Caturra plants and specify which in your order notes. Plants are shipped via express service anywhere in Indonesia. We have grown these Cultivars for 10 years, they do well in 1200+ meters above sea level. They have a distinct cup profile that consistently scores in the ‘Specialty’ range.

If you have property that is not being used, consider growing Arabica Coffee. Make a start, make a difference.

Available again now in limited supply. Thanks for contributing to the future of Sumatra Arabica!

Minimum 200 plants | Nursery Ready  | 1 order = 200 butterfly stage plants

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made

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Always wanted to grow Arabica? The World Coffee Research Organization has stated that Indonesia is one of the coffee growing origins that should survive the climate changes well into the next generation. Climate changes that are causing world wide impact on  Arabica growing origins. We are truly fortunate here to have such conditions that allow growing this valuable commodity. If we protect our highland growing regions, our children and their children will inherit this opportunity to prosper while protecting the traditions of coffee growing.

Also Available:

  • Mature Arabica Plants – Ready for direct planting into your coffee garden in time for the upcoming rainy season. (6+ months from seed)
  • Arabica Seeds will be available again in November 2020.

Contact Lisa for more information on varieties and prices. info@lisaandleosorganic.com or WA +6208116010004


Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Live Plants

Maturity~2 Months, Ready for Poly bag transplanting, Allow for 6 Month minimum maturity before transferring to farm, Shade tree planting recommended