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Siamang Forest Sampler


Organically Shade Grown | Processed | Roasted on the Back Bay Estate by Lisa & Leo in Simalungun North Sumatra We blended 80/20 Onan Ganjang and Sigarar Utang arabica varieties together to create complex flavor combinations

500 grams Siamang Natural | Medium Roast | Whole Beans | Cup Notes: Mango & Almond, Citrus

500 grams Siamang Forest Washed | Medium Roast | Whole Beans | Cup Notes: Tangerine & Vanilla

1 kilo Sampler

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made

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Back Bay Estate is Biodynamic | Organic | Sustainable

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Each time you purchase products or services from us, you are supporting the reforestation and wildlife conservation of the 20 hectare Siamang Forest. Thank You!

Lisa & Leo


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