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Coffee Review: Online Coffee Tasting Report Sumatra Earth, Chocolate and Change April 2019

Sumatra: Earth, Chocolate and Change

Huta Raja Natural

Otten Coffee Interview February 2019

Kebun Kopi Organik Yang Keren Abis

DAII TV Interview January 2019

Cinta Untuk Kopi Simalungun – BINGKAI SUMATERA DAAI TV

Viva Barista Episode on Metro TV “Cerita Indah Lisa & Leo” 2018

Promo Viva Barista Eps 5 “Kisah Indah Lisa & Leo”

Interview With Ardent 2018

Brand Story | Lisa & Leo’s Organic Farm


Interview with Darlington News and Press, USA 2016


Interview with Sprudge, USA 2015


Interview with Scidev.net, England 2015



Five Senses Blog Guest Writer, Australia

Coffee varieties in Sumatra

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