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Our Crop 2023

BOURBON 1: Onan Ganjang
Variety Lineage: Natural cross of S795 with Bourbon
Original heredity of the varietal is not known, however based on the young sprout/leaves green color, it is of a Bourbon origin/dominant gene; or mutation of S795 based on more dominant Bourbon gene Kent varietal. Our crop was purchased as 6 month old plants from Lintongnihuta and planted on Back Bay Estate in 2015. Additional trees propagated from cherry were planted in 2018, 2019. Situated on a flat plot within the Northern lower back hectare of Back Bay and adjacent to other red or yellow bourbon varieties.


BOURBON 2: Mundo Novo
Natural Cross between bourbon and typica
Originating in Novo Mundo Brasil. Our crop was propagated from seed and planted in 2017 on a north facing terrace adjacent to the onan ganjang crop.


BOURBON 3: Garnica
Hybrid Cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra
Originating in Mexico and commonly known as Catuai, this variety has primarily bourbon characteristics in leaf and fruit. The primary difference is the compact size of the mature trees compared to Bourbon. Our crop was propagated from seed and planted in 2017 on a North / East terrace adjacent to the Mundo Novo crop.


Soil and Terroir: Volcanic with loam and thin layer of clay.

Taste / Terroir: Earthy and light with flavors of ripe red fruits like cranberry, mulberry and plum. A zesty acidity with spice notes like cinnamon and cardamom. Richness and depth of flavors linger in a silky overall mouthfeel with honeysuckle notes in the sweet finish.

BUY THE BEANS: Use the link(s) below to purchase and pay from our website shop. Roasted to Order, Whole Bean only. We ship anywhere in Indonesia. Outside Indonesia, provide your paypal information in the order notes and you will be invoiced via our paypal business account.

Red Bourbon Blend Natural 500gr

Back Bay Estate Green Arabica

We ship anywhere in the USA from Merantau Coffee Roasters in Sylva, North Carolina. Contact Wade Matthews on WhatsApp +1 (303) 2570750 to order.

How do we protect the environment?

BIODYNAMIC: All Farm waste and Processing waste are turned into compost for crops. All Crops are shade grown with nitrogen fixing trees. All plots are planted with nitrogen fixing ground covers and flowering plants to support insect wildlife and natural pollination. All plots are planted with multiple fruit and berry trees around the perimeters to provide food and shelter for hundreds of birds and attract predatory birds. Rain water is cycled through for multiple farm and processing operations. Reforestation and agroforestry of Siamang Forest to supply additional food and income for people and feed multiple wildlife species within the farm and forest.

ORGANIC: No herbicides; No Pesticides; No chemical Inputs; No Inoculants or additives during processing.

SUSTAINABLE: Renewable resources are used for buildings. Renewable energy is used for home and office. Minimal energy footprint for generators which are only on for processing operations. Locally sourced raw materials reduce transportation costs. Shipping internationally as part of a consolidated container whenever possible to reduce energy use.

Each Purchase of roasted beans helps sustain the Siamang Forest through reforestation, agroforestry and wildlife habitat conservation. Thank You!