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Abyssinia | AB7

Variety: Ethiopian Landrace Heritage – Abyssinia


This crop originated from seeds presented to me as a gift from a colleague. The variety is the 7th generation of Abyssinia propagated in Aceh Tengah. Back Bay Estate crop is 500+ trees planted in 2017, 2018, 2019. This crop has the botanical characteristics of the Heirloom AB3, however, it does not share the same elegant clarity of sensory qualities.

The soil or of the AB7 plot is volcanic with a heavy layer of clay and thin layer of mineral / silt. Primarily grown on the lower topography of an east facing terrace. Planted North to South for maximum sun exposure. This soil produces softer body and brighter acidity while also providing depth and complexity of flavors. I look forward to what this variety will reveal as the crop matures over time.

Current Crop Tasting Notes / Terroir:

Ripe Red and Black Berry, Purple Flower like violets or lilacs, Juicy Mouthfeel that transitions into a lingering sweetness with honey or vanilla notes in the finish. Rich flavors that are very satisfying.

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