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Back Bay Estate Green Arabica


New Product | Back Bay Estate Green Arabica

Multiple Varieties | One Price | One Process

Select varieties grown on the Back Bay Estate are now available as 1 kilo samples. Choose your variety in the menu to order.

Home Roasters and Businesses can now enjoy each Back Bay variety as green or roasted.

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Coffee Dreams become Real Life with Purpose

Since my time in SE Africa back in the early 2000’s, it had been a dream of mine to have my own arabica coffee farm. Seeing first hand how much hard work goes into growing and processing coffee, it became my ambition to start a business and a brand of my own that could represent that work to mindful coffee lovers across the globe.

Growing up in an environmentally aware family that gardened organic produce, I learned early the value of food and the responsibility to protect the environment that provides that food.

The soil is my starting point. Each variety garden has had the soil biology and mycology in the primary focus before transplanting arabica from the nursery to the garden. This focus on soil ensures the nutrients each plant requires can be largely provided by the microbial and macrobial  life within each gardens’ soil. ^ Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews, content creator

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Weight 1.25 kg
AB7 abyssinia natural

1 kilo green beans

red bourbon natural

1 kilo green beans

yellow bourbon natural

1 kilo green beans

caturra natural

1 kilo green beans

sumatra typica natural

1 kilo green beans