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Yellow Bourbon

Variety: Bourbon Arabica with yellow fruits. Researchers believe this is a natural cross between red bourbon and yellow typica from Brazil. The yellow typica is a natural mutation that is known as botucatu in Brazil. Large ruffled leaves, new green tipped leaves and round fruits are the primary physical characters. These organically grown, processed and roasted beans are a rare treat in Sumatra.

Variety: https://varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/varieties/bourbon

Nature is amazing, and when you realize how rare it is to have a recessive trait appear in your coffee that is actually valuable, you don’t waste a single cherry. From one single tree on our original farm in Mariah Dolok, my son Wade and I propagated a nursery full of successful plants in 2014. This crop has pride of place in the Back Bay Estate. It has been a challenge to grow and maintain the crop, but worth every sacrifice. The wildlife of Siamang Forest love nesting and roaming this garden. Guests who stay in the Back Bay Cabin can enjoy the picturesque view and the sweet smell of coffee blossoms in season from the balconies overlooking Cait’s Crop.

Taste / Terroir: Yellow Fruits, Vanilla and Pear notes balanced with the caramel like finish make this exceptional coffee feel round and sweet in your mouth. 

BUY THE BEANS: Roasted to Order | Whole Bean only. Use the links below to order and pay from our website shop. We ship anywhere in Indonesia. Outside Indonesia, include your paypal information in the order notes and you will be invoiced via paypal from our business account.

Yellow Bourbon Natural 500 grams

Yellow Bourbon Full Wash 500 grams

Back Bay Estate Green Arabica

We ship anywhere in the USA from Merantau Coffee Roasters in Sylva, North Carolina. Contact Wade Matthews on whatsapp +1 (303) 257 0750