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Siamang Forest Project

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Why does this forest matter?

It supports wildlife and the ecosystem within the forest that is fragile from past deforestation and current climate changes. Reforestation is the primary focus of our work. Replanting indigenous trees that will mature into a sustainable food source for the wildlife and restore the canopy habitat they need to survive. Leo and I are in the process of having the 20 hectare forest that the Siamang “Black Gibbons’ primates inhabit, established as a protected ‘wildlife conservation’ forest. First audit completed in 2022.

How can you get involved?

Each time you choose to purchase products or services we produce or provide on Back Bay Estate. Follow the link to read more or to become a member.

Siamang Family aka Black Gibbons

There are also at least 5 species of monkeys including Thomas Leaf; Maccac large chocolate and small black; the Lutung gray and orange. Numerous species of birds including birds of prey and the small hornbill. Numerous species of eco friendly insects, bees, moths and ground bugs that balance the soil and the protect flora. Not just within the forest, but for the surrounding agricultural farms as well.

THANK YOU!! From all of us, for visiting and supporting our ECO Tourism, for participating in our Education Courses held on site and for all our Climate Conscious friends across Indonesia, Australia, Japan and USA who purchase green and roasted beans that are grown, processed and roasted here on the property. You are our heros!

Lisa Matthews (website content creator) and Founder of Siamang Forest Project, Lisa & Leo’s Organic, Back Bay Estate and Back Bay Roasters