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Back Bay Estate

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made

Every aspect of how we grow, process and roast arabica coffee is grounded in its effect on the environment.

An organic lifestyle and a climate conscious business is our personal choice.

   L&L Organic


Red Caturra


Yellow Bourbon

Seedbeds and Nurseries

We grow seven arabica varietals on our Pematang Purba farm, all of which we started from seed that was propagated from cherry. Our original farm in Mariah Dolok was red caturra. We used cherry from this original farm to start the red and yellow bourbons now growing in Pematang Purba. We keep a plant nursery year round for farmers and new start ups. Some varieties are free and others we sell. Contact us with your questions. @lisa_and_leos_organic on instagram

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Farm Selection and Preparation

We farm in the Barisan Mountain Range, in the Regency of Simalungun. No herbicides, just elbow grease was used to clear the land for planting. After clearing the land, a FOOTPRINT was created for the property with grids for the coffee and leguminous shade trees. Shade Grown Organic Arabica is sweeter and healthier. The birds and bees are everywhere on our farm. The Siamang Forest is full of life, we are dedicated to being good stewards of the forest and the land we call home.

Visit our ECO Tourism page to learn more about all of our services from hosting couples, families or small groups of up to 12 persons. We also offer education courses on site. Come stay with us, explore and learn about Sumatra, the unique coffees here and the seed to cup progression.

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Planting and Crop Maintenance

Timing is everything. There are only two seasons in Sumatra; Rainy Season and Dry Season.  Only organic composts and fertilizers are used to feed the coffee trees. By products from farm maintenance and coffee processings are used to make additional compost. Maintenance and form pruning  trees helps produce more coffee cherry fruit and extend the productive lifespan of coffee trees. To control pests, a natural organic pesticide is used. Beuvaria Basiana is sprayed on the green fruits to reduce the risk of  damage by the coffee berry borer insect. We also make these products available to farmers.


Harvesting and Processing

All of our arabica is handpicked. Only ripe cherry is harvested. Because conditions vary in each microclimate, and elevations too, harvest times and duration also varies. Having a full time, hands on operation helps us maintain the farm and manage the changing effects the weather has on our harvests.

We have a wet mill and a dry mill on our property that was selected as one of the “Best Design” submissions at SCA 2018 EXPO in Seattle. We have produced award winning lots of dry natural and also received a 90+ score from the Coffee Review in USA. A true farm to cup experience in one location awaits you. Contact Lisa for your booking or for an information packet at +62 08116010004 on WhatsApp