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CQI QP Level 2 Certificate Course

Q Processing Level 2 – Professional * Course & Exam

*A six-day course designed for coffee professionals working regularly with post-harvest processing, In this course, students will deepen their theoretical knowledge of the main processing methods, learn best practices, and have a hands-on experience with a quality control system for post-harvest processing. With this content, students will begin to develop the skill sets necessary to achieve different flavor profiles through processing. The course takes place in a producing country during the harvest season, and involves lectures, team activities, hands-on practical lessons, and cuppings. To be certified, attendees must pass both theoretical and practical tests

*This Professional (Level 2) course is a 6-day program and will be taught at Back Bay Coffee Facility on Lisa & Leo’s Organic Coffee Farm in Simalungun, North Sumatra. A CQI Certified Teaching Venue since November, 2018, the first one in Indonesia.

This course is designed for students who have had significant hands-on coffee processing experience through multiple harvests, ideally people who can make decisions about processing in their own farm or mill. The ideal student is interested in and willing to acquire the theoretical foundations of coffee processing and processing technology and to learn about good practices and quality control in the main processing methods (natural, honey, washed).

The training part of the course includes lectures, cuppings, and great emphasis on hands-on processing work, which is why, in order to teach this course, availability of freshly harvested coffee cherries and post-harvest processing equipment are mandatory.

The course competencies are tested through fifteen (15) tests, encompassing theoretical, practical and applied-theory skills, which have to be passed entirely in order to receive a Q Processing Professional Certificate.

This course will be taught in English and Bahasa Indonesia

Student’s objectives

*Attendees will know the main methods of post-harvest processing of coffee (washing, natural and honey), in which they will be able to apply a simple system of Quality Assurance, using good processing practices to maintain consistent quality.

Course contents include:

  1. Coffee processing in the context of the coffee value chain
  2. Raw material harvesting and characterization
  3. Anatomy of the coffee fruit and comparison of processing methods
  4. Pulping
  5. Fermentation
  6. Washing and demucilation
  7. Drying
  8. Dry-milling, storage and processing-generated green bean defects
  9. Integrated quality control at coffee processing
  10. Issues of the coffee processing industry and outlook into the future

*taken from the Coffee Quality Institute website

A good balance of science and practical application presented in a six day course.

Instructor: Leo Purba Wiriadjaja

Leo has more than a decade of processing experience. He has a command of theoretical knowledge, hands on experience and industry experience. Leo has also completed rigorous industry standard education courses offered by the Coffee Quality Institute with an exemplary status. He is a highly qualified and passionate instructor that will give the attention necessary to ensure each student takes away valuable knowledge and skills they can implement in their own processing facilities.

Huller Adjustments | Pulping Fresh Cherry

Location: Lisa & Leo’s Organic Coffee Farm

Cost: 29 juta per person (prepay to reserve a spot)

Includes: 7 nights / 8 days at the on site Eco Lodge Accomodations; 3 full meals per Day; Snacks, Coffee, Tea & Water. Additional beverages, beer and snacks available for purchase (additional nights will be at the standard Eco Lodge rate of 800.000 rupiah)

Course Includes: All materials necessary to complete the course; student workbooks

Transportation: Not Included. Each Student is responsible for transportation costs. We are happy to assist with ground transportation from Kuala Namu Airport or from your hotel in Medan to the farm facility if requested.

COVID PROTOCOLS: We are hosting maximum of 10 Students in order to maintain social distancing safety during indoor sessions and in the ECO Lodge / Dining Common Room Accomodations.

2022 Schedule


Consider joining the HOW TO: FERMENTATION or HOW TO: WET HULLING courses offered in March.

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Click on the link below to download pdf registration forms. Call Leo @ +62 8116010003 or Lisa @ +62 8116010004 for further information.