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Back Bay Estate | Simalungun

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made

Lisa & Leo’s Organic® Coffee was established in 2010 but conceived long before that. A lifelong dream of having a coffee farm turned into an ambition to start a company and grow a business based on personal values that would guide every aspect of the work, the land and the products produced from the land. Located in Simalungun, North Sumatra, the organic coffee farm and gardens is complimented by a Macadamia Orchard, a wet mill facility, an ECO Tourism Farm Stay Lodge connected to a Coffee Processing Education Center and the protected Siamang Forest.

All of our Arabicas were started from seed and are grown organically in higher elevations of 1400 to 1500+MASL. All of the cherry we source is grown in our home region of Simalungun.

We proudly supply small roasters all across Indonesia who have pioneered the specialty coffee movement and are moving it forward to the benefit of all in the supply chain. Visit our contact page https://www.lisaandleosorganic.com/contact-page/

More than Green Coffee Producers

2010 > From the Beginning To achieve a sustainable business model that is fair to everyone in our supply chain, Farm Adoption Programs were developed and implemented with a bottom up approach. Families expressing a desire to partner with L&L Organic and transition into fully organic farm practices are where we begin. Over time, families become independent from the program and begin processing their own crops for market. This is the long term goal for every family and farm. Read more about this on our Farm Adoption Partnerships page.

2016 > Eco Brunch Tours and Eco Farm Stays on our Simalungun farm. Designed to provide a pampered experience in the remote,  yet stunningly beautiful Sumatra Highlands. Affordable and Unforgettable. See more on our Eco Tourism page.

2016 > Farmers Market Day, held the last Sunday of each month, offers farmers families a chance to socialize with the roasters and cafe’ owners that serve the Arabica they grow. Open to the public from 2-5pm that day; find us on google maps and come spend the afternoon enjoying a great cup of coffee at the source. Schedule is on the Eco Tourism page.

2016 > Back Bay Roasters, a boutique roastery offering different Arabicas personally grown organically and processed on our farm. Available as single bag or bulk orders. Visit the SHOP TAB to order, we ship anywhere in Indonesia and select countries across Asia. Organically Grown & Mindfully Made | Follow us on @back_bay_roastery

2017 > Wet Mill Facility and expanded the outreach programs to more local farm families and in turn are providing a higher quality product through greater management of raw materials purchased as cherry at the farm level.

2017 > Consulting Services for New Arabica Farm Start Ups and/or New Coffee Processing Facility Start Ups began. Everything from Site Selection, Site Preparation, Seeds or Seedlings, Nursery Oversite, Facility Design, Fit Out and Project Management. Training Services for Equipment Operation. Contact us via whatsapp Lisa +62 8116010004 or lisa@lisaandleosorganic.com for an initial consultation visit. visit the consultation services tab in the drop down menu of this page.

2018Coffee Processing Educational Courses for coffee professionals throughout the coffee industry who want to expand their knowledge of the technical side of processing from cherry to green bean.

2019 > CQI Certified Teaching Facility and offered the first CQI Level 2 Q Processing Course in Indonesia. We host CP1 and QP2 Courses.

2019 > Online Shop A line of our own Organically Grown products are now available for purchase. Roasted Arabica, Cascara Infused Drink Mixes, and Spice & Coffee Dry Rubs for Meat. Visit the Shop Tab to order. For international sales online, we offer PayPal invoicing in USD. We ship anywhere in Indonesia and select countries in Asia, Australia and North America.

2020 > Merantau Coffee Roasters, USA  The Merantau Coffee Roasters is located in Sylva, NC and ships roasted to order beans anywhere in the USA. Wade is an SCA Certified Roasting Professional. To order roasted arabica, contact Wade Matthews @ (303) 257-0750 directly on WhatsApp or on Instagram @wade_merantau_coffee You can also catch him at his POP-UP KIOSK at the weekly SYLVA ARTS FESTIVAL in Sylva, NC

2021 > Macadamia Orchard This wonderfully delicious nut is part of a reforestation project for Sumatra that started back in 2019. The success of the program has encouraged other orchards in the island. We look forward to our first harvest in 5 years.

2021 > Avocado Orchard In an effort to diversify the farm production, an area of the property was planted with this healthy and delicious fruit tree. Harvests are underway already from the mature mini orchard planted with the coffee back in 2015. Eco Stay guests enjoy this fruit along with the organic pineapples and strawberries grown on the farm.

Q Arabica GraderSince 2012 The international coffee community recognizes the Coffee Quality Institute License as qualification for grading coffee from around the world. In our pursuit of better coffee quality, we have both earned this license. These cupping skills set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association, SCA, are used to determine if a coffee meets the Specialty Coffee standard for market pricing.

Quality Processing Professional 2019 The industry standard for processing specialty coffee is tough. To maintain our standing as Specialty Coffee Producers, we successfully completed the training and exams and now offer this Course as part of our Education curriculum. Visit our Education page for Course information and registration.

Making a difference from the ground up is our goal. Establishing the region of Simalungun, North Sumatra as a coffee destination is our dream. Read more about our company and our projects on one of several instagram accounts.

Lisa Matthews, content creator, company founder