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Siamang Forest Project

Every Purchase Matters. Become a Farm Adoption Partner.


You help us sustain the 12 hectare forest that the Siamang “Black Gibbons’ primates rely on to provide a home and food for their family of 5. You also help sustain the fresh water source in this forest, a stream, which provides water to the animals in the forest and to a small group of families who hand carry this water to their homes for daily use.


Each time you choose to purchase products or services we produce or provide on Lisa and Leo’s Organic Farm. Follow the link to read more or to purchase the Siamang Forest line of coffee.

Siamang Forest Washed

Siamang Blend Natural

Siamang Forest Sampler

Siamang Family aka Black Gibbons

There are also at least 5 species of monkeys including Thomas Leaf; Maccac large chocolate and small black; the Lutung gray and orange.

We will soon have a video youtube link that shares the songs of the Siamang and the beauty of this natural rain forrest with the world. Until then, please visit any of our Instagram platforms to see and hear these amazing animals.

THANK YOU!! From all of us here on Lisa & Leo’s Organic Coffee Farm for visiting and supporting our ECO Tourism, for participating in our Education Courses held on site and for all our Climate Conscious friends across Indonesia, Australia and USA who purchase green and roasted beans that are grown, processed and roasted here on the property. You are our heros!