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the Underdog Line

UNDERDOG | Micro Lots | Minimum 5 kilos

In 2020 available on the WEBSITE SHOP 

Micro Lots processed with the sorted cherry from our dry natural or Full  Washed Nira Specialty selections. These Underdogs aren’t going to get high marks for physical, but if you’re looking for a great tasting, affordable option for a Dry Natural or Fully Washed micro lot, give one of these a try this season. Minimum order is 5 kilos, a great value for a great Sumatra Arabica!

Underdog Lot #1 | Dry Natural | Non Specialty Grade @150.000/kg

Cupping Notes: Dark Fruit and Dark Chocolate flavors and aromas dominate this clean, zesty natural. A Creamy mouthfeel and long sweet finish balance out this jewel. Excellent as a filter or Espresso roast. 

Underdog Lot #2 | Full Wash Nira | Non Specialty Grade @110.000/kg

Cupping Notes:  Sweet and Clean. This Full Wash has the beautiful brown sugar and apple notes of our specialty grade. Great full body pairs well with the juicy acidity. Excellent as Filter Roast which brings out the sweet malt and red apple notes in the finish. As Espresso Roast, the creamy full body and sweet finish makes it a good match for any milk based drink.

‘Organically Grown & Ethically Sourced’

Micro Lots From Our Farm

Available now as roasted to order only. Please visit the SHOP tab for purchase and shipping information of all our roasted & green offerings. From Our Farm, to Your Cup!