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Underdog Wet Hull Green Beans 10kg


Available While Supply Lasts | Non Specialty Grade | Wet Hull Process

When you need value, but don’t want to sacrifice quality or flavor to reach your price point for Single Origin Arabica from Sumatra. The Underdog line of green coffees hits all the right flavor notes and won’t break the budget. Designed for nano and micro roasters who want to provide only arabica coffee to their clients and customers.

10 kilos | Green Arabica Beans

Cupping Notes: Dark Fruit and Dark Chocolate flavors. A Creamy mouthfeel and long sweet finish balance out this jewel. Excellent as a filter or Espresso roast.

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made

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In 2017 we began offering the Underdog line of green coffees. The goal with the Underdog line was to create a high quality sensorial offering with an affordable price tag and also offer this line of coffee in smaller minimum purchase quantity. We’re proud to be an ‘Underdog’ and to support local small businesses who may consider themselves an Underdog too. Take advantage of this special offer while supply lasts. Thanks to all our loyal Underdog Clients and Repeat Buyers! #staysafe #stayhealthy We are in this together.

We ship anywhere in Indonesia.

Every Purchase Made Matters. Become a Forest Adoption Partner.


Every time you purchase products or services from Lisa & Leo’s Organic.


Your purchase helps us maintain a 20 hectare forest the “Siamang Forest”, which  is the primary habitat of ‘Black Gibbons’ apes (Siamang). Also home for numerous species of monkeys, birds and other wildlife. Reforestation with indigenous trees that supply food and shelter for the wildlife along with erosion resistant ground covers and grasses that restore soil health within the forest ecosystem are the past, present and future goals. Thank you for your support! New in 2022, the national wildlife conservation ministry has visited our property and began the process of certifying the area as a national wildlife conservation forest. A dream come true and another ambition met. – Lisa Matthews



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Weight 10 kg