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Heirloom Sumatra Typica Natural 500 grams


Varietal: Sumatra Typica Heirloom | 270 Trees around 25+ years old + rejuvenated crop x 3 years

There is one word that describes this coffee. Vintage.

Natural Process Cupping Profile: Layering divine sweet Cherry notes with Strawberry Jam & Lavender; a silky acidity and syrupy sweet finish that will have you smacking your lips.

500 grams | Omni Roast | Whole Bean

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made

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Sumatra Typica Heirloom Arabica 

This varietal was growing wild on the most recent plot addition to our organic farm in Pematang Purba. We have applied rejuvenation pruning to this mature crop and also organic input regiment we use on all the arabica grown on our farm. Since 2016, the luscious, elongated fruit of this varietal has provided L&L O with a micro lot which we process as a dry natural.

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Weight .5 kg

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