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Siamang Forest Natural Green Arabica


Green Arabica Beans

Currently Out of Stock | Available again in March 2022

Onan Ganjang & Sigarar Utang Arabica blended together for a traditional Sumatran taste with a cleaner finish. An excellent choice for your Cafe’ Slow Bar and for home roasters, an excellent choice for your single cup daily brews.

In the Cup Expect: Berries, Brown Sugar, Honey; Juicy Acidity; Creamy mouthfeel. Long, sweet finish with ripe mango notes.

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made


10 kilos | Green Arabica Beans | minimum order

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As of January 2021, all of our Green Bean Arabica have become part of the Siamang Forest Coffee Line. We are integrating our own crop of Sigarar Utang with the Pematang Purba family partners crops. A rebrand the Huta Raja Line of Specialty Coffee into Siamang Forest Coffee has a pivotal role in preserving the Siamang Forest in Pematang Purba, Simalungun.  Thank you Roasters across Indonesia and our Adoption Partners around the world for your continued support. It is vital to maintaining the quality of life for farming families and the wildlife habitat within the Siamang Forest.

Every Purchase Matters

Each time you purchase goods or services from Lisa & Leo’s Organic, you help support the preservation of the ‘Siamang Forest’. Home to the Black Gibbons primates and to several species of monkeys and other wildlife. This forest is part of our organic farm in Simalungun, North Sumatra. It’s importance also extends to families living around the forest by providing a clean, free water source.

Thank you.

If you are interested in purchasing 20 kilos or more, contact Lisa via WhatsApp or info@lisaandleosorganic.com for pricing and availability. Ask about our “Group Buy Option” or Quarterly Shipments and Payment Plans.

Stay Healthy and Safe.

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