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Siamang Blend Washed


This varietal was introduced to growers in the 1980’s by the ICCRI as an alternative to Robusta. In an effort to educate and encourage growers to plant more Arabica, the government subsidised the price of the seeds and plantlets to landowners. Many people were skeptical, but the varietal performed well and the first harvest of coffee came much quicker than other Arabica varietals. In addition, the harvests intervals increased from twice a year to nearly year round. Hence the name given the varietal “Sigarar Utang” which translates roughly to “paid debts”. In Simalungun, more than 80% of the growers have this varietal on their farms. They also call it “Ateng” which means dwarf, but the varietal has evolved since it’s introduction nearly 30 years ago and some trees, if left unpruned will reach 3 meters or more.

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Fragrance & Aroma: Orange Peel and Vanilla. Flavors of Tangerine and Orange Peel, Brown Sugar and Honey notes, Juicy Acidity and Syrupy Body. Balanced and Clean with Citrus notes in the aftertaste.

Packaged in resealable pouches for extended freshness. Do not refrigerate.
Best used within 3 months of purchase.

Available in 1 pound and 1/2 pound pouches as Roasted Whole Bean Only.
Grown, Processed & Roasted by Lisa&Leos Organic in Simalungun, North Sumatra.
We ship anywhere in Indonesia and the USA.
To order in the USA, contact @wade_merantau_coffee on Instagram.

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You help us sustain the 12-hectare forest that the Siamang “Black Gibbons’ primates rely on to provide a home and food for their family of 5. You also help sustain the fresh water source in this forest. A stream which provides water to the animals in the forest and to a small group of families who hand carry this water to their homes for daily use.

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