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NEW PRODUCT Parallel Blend 500 grams


NEW Seasonal Special Offer | Now – December 31 2022

PARALLEL | 50 / 50 Blend of Full Wash & Dry Natural

Equal partners. Balanced flavor, body and acidity. Equal varieties of red bourbon and typica, all grown-processed-roasted by Lisa & Leo on the Back Bay Estate.

In the Cup: Red fruits like ripe strawberry, apple and cherry together with a honey sweetness and a soft apple acidity. The finish lingers with vanilla and dried fruits. A clean cup that also has a soft, light, creamy mouthfeel. Recommended for all brewing methods.

500 grams | Omni Roast | Whole Bean

Your Purchase helps fund Reforestation & Wildlife Preservation of the Siamang Forest- thank you!


Seasonal Special Offer

PARALLEL |  50 / 50 Blend of Full Wash & Dry Natural

Available for a limited time. An equal blend of bourbon and typica varieties. An equal blend of full wash and natural processed beans. Roasted then blended together for a perfect parallel blend. Available as 500 grams omni roast.

Your purchase helps fund reforestation and wildlife conservation of the Siamang Forest. Thank You!