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Huta Raja Full Wash Nira Green Beans


Our ‘Farmer to Roaster’ line of Specialty Grade Green Coffee available for home roasters to try. Limited time offer.

Our trademark Nira Fermentation followed by careful Full Washing and Sun Drying creates delightful flavors of Butterscotch, Red Apple and Vanilla. A crisp apple acidity and softly syrupy body round out the cup.

1 kilo Dry Hull or Wet Hull (please specify in order notes)

Organically Grown & Ethically Sourced

50 in stock

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Versatile. Enjoy this local varietal from Simalungun as an espresso shot, manual brew or cold brew. The sweetness comes through everytime and ends with a clean, crisp finish.



Every purchase made from Lisa & Leo’s Organic helps preserve the Siamang Forest from deforestation.

Thank you for your support.




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