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Back Bay Natural 5 kilos


Back Bay Natural (non specialty grade)

Mixed Varieties from our Back Bay Coffee farm in Simalungun North Sumatra.

All Dry Natural Process Cherry

Cupping Notes: Complex Dark Fruits | Dark Chocolate | Full Syrupy Body | Long, Sweet Finish

5 kilos  | Medium Roast | Whole Bean | Bulk Packaging

Organically Grown & Mindfully Made


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Fragrance & Aroma of dark fruit & dark chocolate.
Flavors of the Back Bay Blend offer a clean sweet taste with notes of dark fruit and dark chocolate. Juicy acidity and syrupy body.


Best used within 3 months of purchase as whole beans

Grown, Processed & Roasted by Lisa & Leos Organic in Simalungun in North Sumatra.

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You help us sustain the 12-hectare forest that the Siamang “Black Gibbons’ primates rely on to provide a home and food for their family of 5. You also help sustain the fresh water source in this forest. A stream which provides water to the animals in the forest and to a small group of families who hand carry this water to their homes for daily use.

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Weight 5.5 kg
Full City Roast

Full City Medium-Dark Roast

City Roast

Medium Roast