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Ladang Pele’

This Farmer has a very recognizable name! He also has a pretty famous sister, Ibu Isabella. In 2018 Pak Pele’ joined the Huta Raja Collective and began sending cherry to our facility via his nephew, Joel. We separated the cherry due to quality issues and asked the family if they would consider joining the Farm Adoption Program to help them get their 1 hectare farm back on track.

Origin: Pematang Purba, Simalungun

Varieties: Lasuna and Sigarar Utang approximately 800 trees 15+/- years old

Farm Adoption: 2018 Lisa & Leo’s Organic

Roaster Adoption: 2019 The Coffeenatics http://@thecoffeenatics

Wild Overgrowth and Under Performing Lasuna in need of TLC

The farm is entirely planted with Arabica. A mix of Lasuna and Sigarar Utang. Lack of pruning and general farm maintenance has left the trees with very little flowering and fruit season after season. Also no treatment for the coffee berry borer compromised the small harvest the family was receiving. Motivated by the changes in Ladang Isabella, Pak Pele’ has agreed to learn pruning and organic practices to rejuvenate his crop.

Joel is the Leader of Huta Raja Collective Farmer Group

Pak Pele’s nephew Joel has been sharing the leguminous shade trees we at L&L Organic propogate and make available to all the farmers in Huta Raja Collective.

Joel represents the next generation of coffee collectors who are more vested in the success of their community because they understand that if the community is successful in producing healthier, sustainable crops in the ever changing climate, his future is also more secure.

Available now Full Wash or Natural Process

Special Thanks to Harris and Norita, the power couple behind the Coffeenatics success and their amazing team who have visited Simalungun several times to show their support for the progam. Farmer to Roaster