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Farm Adoption Partnerships

One Goal | Farmer to Roaster

Relationship Coffee. An idea whose time has come. Figuring out how to implement it into a working model that is sustainable for the key people in the relationship is the tricky part.
Opportunities are all around us to develop relationships in the coffee industry. On the producer side, L&L Organic decided to develop a program that could:
1. Have an immediate and long term environmental and economic impact in Simalungun for producers.
2. Create a transparent Relationship Coffee from farmer to roaster that allows the cost of the final coffee to include funds for necessary crop maintenance.
3. Involve the producer in the price negotiations for their crop.
4. Be organic, sustainable and grow into a crop maintenance schedule the producer manages independently of L&L Organic.
5. Produce Specialty Grade coffees from these farms for local sales within the blossoming Specialty Coffee culture in Indonesia.

We have successfully replicated our Farm Adoption Program with 4 single family farms and one farmer collective. Our market partners are 80% domestic; groundbreaking roasters, across the Indonesia archipelago.

Farm Adoption Partners

Lisa & Leo’s Organic Proud Sponsor for 5 Years!

Ladang Isabella | Sigarar Utang  ~ farm adoption partner  ~ SMITH JKT
We are proud to announce that our Dry Natural process coffee was used by SMITH Coffee Jakarta in the IBC barista competition 2018 and was the winner for HIGHEST SCORE for ESPRESSO and FIRST PLACE WINNER in the overall competition.

Ladang Esna & Ralen | Lasuna Heirloom  farm adoption partner ~ KLTR Coffee, JKT

Ladang Pele’ | Sigarar Utang & Lasuna ~ farm adoption partner ~ Coffeenatics, Medan

Ladang Pido | Sigarar Utang ~ farm adoption partner ~ Strada Coffee, Semarang 

Would you like to become a partner and make a difference? We still have opportunities available for farmer to roaster partnerships. Contact Lisa at lisa@lisaandleosorganic for a “Roaster Survey” and more information on this program.

Thank you to everyone who supports Simalungun coffee and the farmers we represent. contact