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Washed Dry Hull & Wet Hull

Eco Friendly Washing Station


Ripe coffee cherry is in the hopper ready for pulping.

After the pulp is removed, it is used to make compost for the coffee trees. The cherry pulp contains the nutrients coffee trees need to stay healthy and productive.

The outside fruit or pulp is mechanically removed from the coffee bean.

After pulping, the cherry, now called parchment, is soaked in fresh clean water to breakdown the mucilage. A sticky sweet pectin coating on the parchment that is the fermentation catalyst for the bean. Washing this mucilage off of the parchment after fermentation could take up to 70 litres of water per kilo of parchment, but our eco friendly washing station is designed to use only 15 to 20 litres only per kilo of parchment.

The fully washed coffee parchment is immediately placed on raised drying beds outside and inside a covered greenhouse until the bean moisture content is around 11% (+/- 1)

Full Washed | Dry Hulled

Our Signature Process. The drying time out in the sun and inside the greenhouse is a labor intensive method. Patience and consistency will allow even the most unlikely varietals to become sweeter, cleaner and shine as a Specialty Arabica. We also offer this Full Wash with Nira fermentation. This process is preorder only.

Cupping Notes

Fragrance: Sweet Malt and Toasted Almonds

Aroma: Sweet Malt and Crisp Apple

Flavor: Toasted Almonds and Sweet Malt Whiskey; crisp apple upon cooling

Mouthfeel: Soft Mellow Acidity and Tea-like Body

Aftertaste: Slightly Dry lingering sweetness

Full Washed | Giling Basa | Wet Hulled

A Full Washed Wet Hull is a jewel and a joy to produce. Combining this traditional Sumatra Style process with our own personal washing process creates a creamier, rounder mouthfeel and nothing but sweet long aftertaste with every sip. This process is available as preorder only.

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