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Double Soak Nira

A Refined Cup from L&L Organic Farm

There is a balance and complexity to double soaked, washed coffees that make this process a perfect match for some varieties. New in 2019, a Nira / Yeast fermentation that gives the double soak cup profile an exciting twist. Available now while supply lasts. Minimum order is 30 kilos for Green Beans and 1 kilo for roasted whole beans.  Visit our Instagram page for video on this process.

Coffee Details

Cultivar: Sigarar Utang, a Catimor/Typica Arabica

Origin: Huta Raja, Simalungun

Elevation: 1450masl

Organic, Shade Grown Trees are 4 years old


Cupping Notes

Fragrance: Sweet Malt and Toasted Almonds

Aroma: Sweet Malt and Crisp Apple

Flavor: Toasted Almonds and Sweet Malt Whiskey; crisp apple upon cooling

Mouthfeel: Soft Mellow Acidity and Tea-like Body

Aftertaste: Slightly Dry lingering sweetness

Special “Thank You” to all our clients who have supported us during our years of experimentation with anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, you know who you are. Cheers!
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