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Coffee Processing Course

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Education Courses

We started teaching coffee processing formally in 2017 on our farm and facility in Simalungun. We are now a Coffee Quality Institute Certified Teaching Facility and offer International Standard as well as Certificate Courses in addition to our own curriculum. Ready to take the next step as a coffee professional? Want to bring your team to learn and calibrate together on processing and flavor relationships?

Book Your Team for a Closed Course | Contact Leo via WA +62 08116010003 for availability and registration. 

Coffee Processing Course | Flavor Relationships
A two day introductory course that covers cherry processing from harvest to green bean and the flavor relationships. Classroom lecture and ‘Hands On’ activities on site at L&L Organic farm and wet mill facility.

New in 2021 a CQI Course ‘Introduction to Post Harvest Processing’

Introduction to Post Harvest Processing is a 1 day theory course that can be presented at your place of business for up to 15 persons. As certified lecturers for CQI, we will travel to your business and teach this course in a 1 day session. Invitation only participants will receive a 5 hour session that covers best practices of cherry to green bean processing as well as business planning as it relates to production and yield. Something of value for every member of the coffee supply and value chain. Contact Leo for availability and registration | WA 62 08116010003 or email leo@lisaandleosorganic.com


  • Workbook and all course materials included in Course fee. 
  • Course will prepare students for the @theCQI QP Level 2 Certificate Course.
  • Course; Accommodations; Meals @6 juta per person; transportation separate.
  • Message Lisa via whatsapp or info@lisaandleosorganic.com for CP101 Course Outline, All inclusive Costs Outline and CP101 Registration forms.

Kursus Mengolah Kopi 101

Kursus pengantar dua hari yang mencakup pemrosesan ceri dari panen hingga kacang hijau dan flavor relationships.  Kuliah di kelas dan kegiatan ‘Hands On’ di lokasi di L&L Organic farm dan fasilitas pabrik basah.

  • Kursus Berikutnya TBD 2022
  • Buku kerja dan semua materi kursus termasuk dalam biaya kursus.
  • Kursus akan mempersiapkan siswa untuk Kursus Sertifikat Level 2 QP @theCQI.
  • Tentu saja; Akomodasi; Makan @6 juta per orang; transportasi terpisah.
  • Pesan Leo melalui whats app atau info@lisaandleosorganic.com untuk Garis Besar Kursus CP101, Semua Garis Besar Biaya inklusif dan formulir Pendaftaran CP101.


Flavor Relationships | REMOTE LECTURE SERIES SCHEDULE ( for COURSE participants)

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we want to offer interested candidates an online lecture series. The outline below covers the (4) lectures which will be presented in Bahasa by Pak Leo via Skype on dates and times proposed. You will receive a workbook via email to use during the remote lecture series. If you are not registered for our CP  Course, but would like to join a remote lecture, contact Leo on WA +62 8116010003 or email info@lisaandleosorganic.com for registration. Stay Healthy & Safe; Stay Active & Engaged.

 Lecture 1 | @7:00pm VIA Skype

Biochemistry and Physiology | 1-hour lecture | 15min Q&A

  1. Cherry Anatomy and Flavor Relationship
  2. Selecting a Target Range
  3. Harvesting Practices
  4. Operations and Value Chains
  5. Sustainable Lifecycle Practices

Lecture 2 | @7:00pm VIA Skype

Fermentation Processing Methods | 1-hour lecture | 15min Q&A

  1. Submerged Fermentation | Variations
  2. Submerged | Double Soak
  3. Dry | Piled Up Fermentation
  4. Honey | Spread Out Fermentation
  5. Natural | Whole Fruit

Lecture 3 | @7:00pm VIA Skype

Drying and Storage | 1-hour lecture | 15min Q&A

  1. Drying Methods and Flavor Relationship
  2. Moisture Levels and Storage
  3. Water Activity Levels and Storage
  4. Environmental Elements and Storage

Lecture 4 | @7:00pm VIA Skype

Environmental Impact | 1-hour lecture | 15min Q&A

  1. By Product Management; Reduce; Recycle; Reuse
  2. Solid Waste By Product Management
  3. Waste Water Management and Water Conservation
  4. Mass Conversion of Raw Materials: Cherry to Green Bean

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