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Coffee Processing 101

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Education Courses

We started teaching coffee processing formally in 2017 on our farm and facility in Simalungun. What can you learn in CP 101? The Flavor Relationship to Arabica Processing from Cherry to Green Bean. We cover:

  • Cherry Anatomy 
  • Pulping
  • Fermentation
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Sorting
  • Cupping
  • Storage

And so much more. In 2020, Covid 19 has created a need for online lectures to reduce classroom time. Visit the Education Page to read about this lecture series and to get more information on the upcoming November and December Education Courses. 

If you’re not sure you need a full course, but want to know more, go to our drop down menu from this tab for some basic processing information.

All over the world, in coffee producing nations the processing methods vary according to the region’s specific climate or microclimate. Some types of processing share a common name, but our experience has shown us that the methods differ slightly from Indonesia and produce different cup profiles. We teach from our processing experience here in Indonesia.



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