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Yellow Bourbon & Yellow Caturra

Hand Pick Harvesting

Ripe Yellow Cherry

Cait’s Crop Micro Lot

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon & Yellow Caturra

Lisa & Leo’s Organic Farm: Pematang Purba, Simalungun

Nature is amazing, and when you realize how rare it is to have a recessive trait appear in your coffee that is actually valuable, you don’t waste a single cherry. From one single tree on our original farm in Mariah Dolok, we propagated a nursery full of successful plants. Now thriving on our farm in Pematang Purba, we will continue to propagate this varietal for crop expansion. We currently have more than 500 yellow bourbon & caturra trees. Interplanted with leguminous shade trees, these organically grown, processed and roasted beans are a rare treat in Sumatra.

Full Wash Cupping Profile: Intense Butterscotch sweetness with notes of grapefruit in the citrusy acidity. Vanilla notes in the buttercream finish make this exceptional coffee feel soft and sweet in your mouth.  Visit the SHOP TAB to order. In USA, contact @wade_merantau_coffee on instagram to order. We ship anywhere in the Indonesia or the USA.

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Sorry, not available as green bean since 2019.