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Onan Ganjang

™Siamang Blend | Micro Lot

Local Variety Name: Onan Ganjang
Variety Lineage: Natural cross of S795 with Bourbon
Original heredity of the varietal is not known, however based on the young sprout/leaves green color, it is of a Bourbon origin/dominant gene; or mutation of S795 based on more dominant Bourbon gene Kent varietal.

Our Crop

We have 200 trees now 5 years old.

Brief History: In the late 80’s, Lintong coffee farmers discovered a natural mutation varietal in Onan Ganjang village; farmers then started planting them in their farms all over Lintong Nihuta region and the varietal made it as far as Simalungun region.

Natural Process Cup Profile: Zesty and Clean with notes of plum and brown sugar; the juicy mouthfeel and syrupy body cools down to reveal mango, almond butter and chocolate notes in the finish.

Siamang Blend Natural Micro lot is an 80/20 varietal blend of Onan Ganjang & Sigarar Utang. Available  on the SHOP TAB as Roasted Whole Bean only. Organically Shade Grown and Processed on L&LO farm.

In USA contact @wade_merantau_coffee on instagram to order.