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Onan Ganjang

Our Crop | Onan Ganjang | Bourbon

™Siamang Forest Natural

Local Variety Name: Onan Ganjang
Variety Lineage: Natural cross of S795 with Bourbon
Original heredity of the varietal is not known, however based on the young sprout/leaves green color, it is of a Bourbon origin/dominant gene; or mutation of S795 based on more dominant Bourbon gene Kent varietal.

Our crop is now 6+ years old and is planted in the “Back Bay” of our organic farm under leguminous shade trees. Encircling the Back Bay Gazebo and bordering the Siamang Forest to the West. Roasted to order on site at our Boutique Roastery “Back Bay Roasters” by Lisa.

Natural Process Cup Profile: Zesty and Clean with notes of plum and brown sugar; the juicy mouthfeel and syrupy body cools down to reveal mango, almond butter and chocolate notes in the finish.

™Siamang Blend Natural Micro lot is an 80/20 varietal blend of Onan Ganjang & Sigarar Utang.

BUY THE BEANS: Use the links below to purchase and pay from our website shop. Medium Roasted Whole Bean only. We ship anywhere in Indonesia. Outside Indonesia, provide your paypal information in the order notes and you will be invoiced via our paypal business account.

Siamang Blend Natural

Siamang Forest Sampler

Each Purchase of L&L Organic roasted beans helps us protect the Siamang Forest from deforestation. Thank You!

In USA contact @wade_merantau_coffee on instagram to order. We ship anywhere in the USA from Merantau Coffee Roasters in Sylva, North Carolina.

Not available as green beans since 2018.