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Red Bourbon & Red Caturra

Ladang Mariah Micro Lot 

Type: AS1

Varietals: Red Bourbon & Red Caturra | 6-11 year old trees

I decided to borrow a brand tradition from the America’s of naming the Finca or Farm in the brand and use the local word for farm since LLO is in North Sumatra. This is how Ladang Mariah became the first of LLO and Back Bay Roastery product offerings. I have applied this same concept to all of my Farm Adoption Farms.

Our Signature coffee, Ladang Mariah from our first farm in Mariah Dolok, Simalungun and our current farm in Pematang Purba. We chose F1 certified seed from ICCRI, the Research Center in Jember. Red Bourbon and Red Caturra are interplanted with leguminous shade trees so the fruit ripens slowly. This organic crop has a consistently higher brix score overall.

The Natural Process Cup Profile: The distinct intense sweetness and apricot fruitiness of the bourbon blended with the chocolate and spice of the caturra create a distinct complex cup profile. All our naturals possess a sweet, clean finish that lingers on the pallet so you can savor the flavors. This Micro lot is available now as a natural process  roasted whole bean. Visit the SHOP TAB to order. In USA, visit @wade_merantau_coffee on instagram to order. We ship anywhere in Indonesia or USA.

Ladang Mariah on SHOP TAB

Sorry, no green bean sales since 2018. 

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