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Abyssinia Heirloom


Origin: Ethiopia, brought to Indonesia in 1928

Varietal: Heirloom, also known as Java Typica

Abyssinia Heirloom | Our Crop

This is our favorite coffee. A pure heirloom varietal, Abyssinia is a slow growing yet higher yielding varietal that produces exceptional quality coffee fruit. The large bean size and elongated shape are the trademarks of this varietal. Organically Grown, Processed & Roasted on Lisa & Leo’s Organic farm in Simalungun, North Sumatra.

Cup Profile: Processed as either Dry Natural or Fully Washed, this heirloom yields a clarity of refined fruit and floral sweetness with sparkling acidity and a well balanced silky body. This quietly elegant coffee will makes your senses tingle.

Abyssinia is available only as Medium Roasted Whole Beans. Order on the SHOP TAB or in the USA contact @wade_merantau_coffee on instagram. We ship anywhere in Indonesia or the USA. Sorry, no green bean sales..

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