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Breaking New Ground | Sumatra Wet Mill Facility

New in 2017, we established a wet mill dedicated entirely to production from cherry. It has been our goal to process from cherry to create a higher quality product and now we are able to offer more micro lots with the launch of Simalungun Specialty Coffee or ‘SSC’.
wet mill facility

The wet mill is located on our farm property in Pematang Purba, Simalungun and is designed to maintain a low carbon footprint and produce high quality washed and special process micro lots.

Next Generation for Specialty Coffee

Things are changing at origin everywhere. As a generational shift is occurring, so is a larger reduction in harvest labor and labor for crop maintenance. By working directly with the farmers in our sub region and surrounding sub regions, we are able to invest in these crops by way of labor assistance. It is a mutually beneficial relationship for us and the farm families who need to have their crop harvested and purchased seasonally. This new relationship allows them to focus their limited labor and resources on other short term crops that supplement their annual incomes. It allows us to have much greater control on quality that has resulted in cleaner, more consistent micro lots.

A pulping station for cherry and Kenyan style washing station are set up to use collected and filtered rain water for processing.

All raised drying beds, also set up African style, are used for all the coffees produced at the wet mill facility.

production line

A full wet and dry production line including color sorting machine gives us the option of producing full container loads of either wet hull or dry hull products.

We are now in full production at the SSC facility. Please visit our local and international sales page for information on this season’s micro lot production.

Making a Difference from the Ground Up

Organically Grown and Ethically Sourced Sumatra Arabica for Direct Trade.

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