Roasted Beans

Back Bay Coffee Roasters™

Freshly roasted by order. Delicious 100% Simalungun Arabica available now. Contact to place your order. Prices quoted do not include shipping charges.
~Minimum purchase 1kg
~Packaged in 1kg valve pouches
~Bulk orders available starting at 5kg
~Shipping via J&T within Indonesia

Joshua Tree | Washed Dry Hull | Medium Roast @135,000IDR / KILO

Clean and Sweet with Herbal and Chocolate notes | Low Acidity | Medium Body | Clean Finish

Back Bay Blend | Washed & Natural Process | Medium Roast @135,000IDR / KILO

Clean and Sweet with dark fruit and dark chocolate notes | Tangy Acidity | Full Body | Lingering Syrupy Mouthfeel

New in 2018

Siamang Blend | Dry Natural | Medium Roast @380,000 /KILO

Intense fruit sweetness | Bright acidity | Full Body | caramel notes and clean finish
A Dry Natural process coffee from two varietals grown organically on our farm, Onan Ganjang and Sigarar Utang. Blended together these varietals create a medley worthy of the siamang’s serenade we enjoy at the farm.

Also available upon request, two varieties grown organically on L&L Organic’s farm in Simalungun
Cait’s Crop | Yellow Bourbon | Fully Washed @380,000/kg
Ladang Mariah | Red Bourbon | Dry Natural @380,000/kg
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