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Welcome to our online portal. From here you can purchase a variety of products we produce organically and process into drink mixes and dry rubs. We also sell Arabica Seeds and/or Plants. Our Online Store is open on tokopedia

Back Bay Coffee Roasters™

Freshly roasted by order. Delicious 100% Simalungun Arabica available now. Contact or DM on Instagram to place your order. Prices quoted do not include shipping charges.
~Minimum purchase 1kg
~Packaged in 1kg valve pouches
~Bulk orders available starting at 5kg
~Shipping via J&T within Indonesia

Now Available and Roasted to Order

™Joshua Tree | Washed Dry Hull | Medium Roast @150,000IDR / KILO

Clean and Sweet with Herbal and Chocolate notes | Low Acidity | Medium Body | Clean Finish

™Back Bay Blend | Washed & Natural Process | Medium Roast @150,000IDR / KILO

Clean and Sweet with dark fruit and dark chocolate notes | Tangy Acidity | Full Body | Lingering Syrupy Mouthfeel

Organically Grown | Single Estate | Single Variety Coffees Lisa & Leo’s Organic Coffee Farm | Simalungun 

Abyssinia Heirloom | Natural Process |  Roasted Whole Bean @380.000/kg

Fragrance: Floral Notes, Apricots. Honey Roasted Sweet Nuts. Flavors of Delicate fruit and floral layers with honey and vanilla notes. Mild Acidity and Creamy Body’ Juicy lingering sweetness upon cooling. Elegantly Balanced and Clean.

™Cait’s Crop | Yellow Bourbon | Fully Washed Process |Roasted Whole Bean @250.000/kg 

Fragrance: Sweet Vanilla Yoghurt  Flavors of Delicate caramel with honey and vanilla notes. Mild Acidity and Creamy Body; Clean,  Juicy lingering aftertaste. Elegant, Balanced, Clean.

™Ladang Mariah | Red Bourbon | Dry Natural Process |  Roasted Whole Bean @380.000/kg

Fragrance & Aroma: Cherry and Dark fruits and Dark Chocolate. Flavors of Cherry, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate notes, Juicy Acidity and Full Creamy Body. Balanced and Clean.

Sigarar Utang | Fully Washed Process |  Roasted Whole Bean @250.000/kg

Fragrance & Aroma: Strawberry and Vanilla. Flavors of Berry, Brown Sugar and Honey notes, Juicy Acidity and Tea like Body. Balanced and Clean.

™Siamang Blend | Dry Natural |  Roasted Whole Bean @380,000 /Kg

Fragrance & Aroma: Dried or Candied Fruit and Chocolate, Fruity Sweet; dark berry like. Flavors of Dried Fruit, Cherry and Chocolate notes,  Juicy, Plum like upon cooling. Mild yet Bright Acidity and Pleasant tactile Full Body. Balanced and Clean.

A Dry Natural process coffee from two varietals grown organically on our farm, Onan Ganjang and Sigarar Utang. Blended together these varietals create a medley worthy of the siamang’s serenade we enjoy at the farm.