Onan Ganjang

Local Variety Name: Onan Ganjang
Variety Lineage: Natural cross of S795 with Bourbon
Original heredity of the cultivar is not known, however based on the young sprout/leaves color, it is a hybrid of Bourbon origin/dominant gene; or mutation of S795 based on more dominant Bourbon gene Kent varietal.

Brief History: In the late 80’s, Lintong coffee farmers discovered a natural hybrid/mutation varietal in Onan Ganjang village; farmers then started planting them in their farms all over Lintong Nihuta region and the varietal made it as far as Simalungun region.

Cup Profile: Classic Sumatran flavors although it produces clean cups it is not as herbal as Lintong coffee, fruity, herbal and nice complexity and brightness on the acidity with syrupy body.

Micro lot Update

™Siamang Blend is offered as Roasted Coffee only. Grown organically on L&LO farm, this roasted to order natural process coffee is now available.

Our Crop

We have 200 trees now 4 years old.