Red Bourbon & Red Caturra

our cherry-8_resizeType: AS1

Varietals: Red Bourbon & Red Caturra

Characteristics: Medium-tall trees; elongated, ruffled leaves with green tips; grows best as shaded tree coffee; large, round cherries; grows best above 1200 meters ASL

L&L Farm Crop: Combined 10,000 trees in Mariah Dolok and 500 trees in Pematang Purba.

The Cup Profile: We offer Dry Natural Process and alternate with Fully Washed seasonally. The distinct intense fruitiness of the bourbon blended with the chocolate and spice of the caturra create a complex cup profile from both processes.This Micro lot is available now as a natural process green bean or roasted whole bean. Contact Lisa



Our Crop

Our Signature coffee, Ladang Mariah from our first farm in Mariah Dolok, Simalungun.

We chose F1 certified seed from Jember Research Center and have combined 10,000 Red Bourbon and Red Caturra trees on our farm in Mariah Dolok. Our Farm Coordinates are 2°52’27″N; 98°30’13″E with an elevation of 1200MASL. The farm has leguminous shade trees and the fruit ripens slowly.

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