Abyssinia Heirloom


Origin: Ethiopia, brought to Indonesia in 1928

Varietal: Heirloom, also known as Java Typica

Characteristics: Large Tall trees, long narrow leaves with bronze tips and large elongated cherry.

L&L Farm Crop: Combined AB7 & AB3 25000 trees

Cup Profile: Processed as either Dry Natural or Fully Washed yields clarity and refined fruit and / or floral notes with sparkling acidity and balanced body. It makes your senses tingle.


Origin: Cameroon, brought to Indonesia in 1980’s

Varietal: Heirloom, also known as Java Typica

Characteristics: Same as AB7

Cup Profile: Same as AB7

Our Crop

This is our favorite coffee. A pure heirloom varietal, Abyssinia is a slow growing yet higher yielding varietal that produces exceptional quality coffee fruit. The large bean size and elongated shape are the trademarks of this varietal.

We discovered Abyssinia on a scouting trip to Aceh and Gayo. We returned there to handpick cherry for our crop which is planted on our farm in Pematang Purba at an elevation of 1400+MASL. We now have combined AB7 & & AB3 2500 trees .

The 2018 crop has been reserved by our friends at EPIC COFFEE in Yogyakarta.

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