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Coffee History

Ethiopia,in East Africa is the source of over 4,000 coffee varietals. Most of the coffee grown in coffee producing nations can be traced back to a varital that originated in Ethiopia. The pure heirloom varietals of typica and bourbon grown in Sumatra are very difficult to find because of an attack of leaf disease that wiped out the coffee crops in the 1880’s..

Science stepped in to produce hybrid varietals with a greater resistance to pests and disease. Nature evolves, and many of these hybrids now produce specialty quality coffee when the grower is using careful maintenance, harvesting and processing techniques. We grow and source these higher quality Arabicas.

Indonesia has over 400 coffee varietals. Our varietal pages offer more information on the Arabicas we grow and source.


This word gets used a lot in the coffee industry. From our perspective, sustainability means developing and implementing an affordable and attainable system between us, our adopted farm families and the roasters who buy the coffee. Sustainable farming increases long term production and quality. The consumer is the winner in the end. Balancing science and nature keeps the market vital and coffee quality at its most flavorful.

Farm Adoptions have a had huge impact on the farm families and the environment through real assistance with organic inputs, shade trees and labor assistance for crop maintenance that allows farm families to stop using herbicides to control undergrowth and improve farm hygiene. Making a difference, from the ground up is our goal. Establishing Simalungun, North Sumatra in the international market is our dream.