Tiga Raja

The Idea
Tiga Raja Mill was founded in 2013 by a group of people who wanted to start a new way of managing the quality control within the Sumatran Arabica supply chain that also offered an opportunity for producers to be part owners of the processing mill. A three way partnership was formed which became Tiga Raja, an Arabica processing and exporting company located in the heart of the Sumatran highlands.
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The Partnership
More than a Joint venture, a commitment to transparency in business practices and to the people of the region to build a sustainable business model that offers something more in the form of real profit sharing. Our Partners are Five Senses Coffee, Australia; Lisa & Leo’s Organic, Indonesia and CUM Talenta Cooperative, Simalungun, North Sumatra.

(L-R) Sigiro of CUM Talenta, Dean of Five Senses and Leo of L&L Organic

(L-R) Sigiro of CUM Talenta, Dean of Five Senses and Leo of L&L Organic

The Goals
The major goals for our company to pursue were:
• Create a stable supply base within the region of Simalungun from a transparent and traceable source
• Build a Processing Mill in the Simalungun region that can process coffee to export ready
• Become an Exporter and maintain the quality control and traceability all the way from parchment purchase to export.
• Create a profit sharing business model that includes the supplier farmers as part owners.

The Results
A successful collaborative effort that crosses continents, cultures and language barriers to achieve personal and professional goals for traceable, high quality product that is consistent in quality and availability.

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The People who grow our coffee
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The Batak people of Simalungun are generations of families producing Arabica Coffee. Tiga Raja works directly with farmer group leaders in three key sub regions of Simalungun. These men and women are already community leaders with a passion to build a sustainable economy and quality of life for their villages and people. They are also part of the CUM Talenta Group, which is more than 7,000 members strong. There is plenty of room for growth.