Local & International Sales

Sales and Sample Requests

All of our Specialty Grade Arabicas are Single Origin from Simalungun, North Sumatra and are available for purchase in Indonesia and internationally. Please contact info@lisaandleosorganic.com with your requests.


All of our farmer collective coffees are sourced from our home sub region of Pematang Purba [translates to Ancient Territory] and home village, Huta Raja [translates to King’s Village]. We have been working with three primary farmer group leaders for a few years to develop this collective. Visit our HRC page for more of the back story and complete details of each micro lot.

Huta Raja | Artisanal Washed | Dry Hulled | AVAILABLE March 2019

Huta Raja | Dry Natural | AVAILABLE NOW

Huta Raja | Double Soaked Kenyan Style | AVAILABLE March 2019

Huta Raja | AA Washed Dry Hull | Available again June 2019

Huta Raja | Peaberry Washed Dry Hull | AVAILABLE NOW

Huta Raja | Exchange Grade | Available NOW


Micro Lots processed with the sorted cherry from our dry natural or double washed premium selections. These Underdogs aren’t going to get high marks for physical, but if you’re looking for a great tasting, affordable option for a Dry Natural or Fully Washed micro lot, give one of these a try this season.

Underdog Lot #1 | Dry Natural | Check Instagram for available dates
Underdog Lot #2 | Double Soak | Check Instagram for available dates

Micro Lots From Our Farm

All Single Varietals have been reserved for 2019. Thanks everyone for your inquiries. Please visit our roasted beans page for available L&L roasted selections.

USA Spot Sales

Sumatra, Simalungun | Triple Pick | Single Origins

Huta Raja Collective | Artisanal Washed | Dry Hulled

All of our USA spot sale coffees are packed in 60 kilo Grain Pro lined jute bags. Minimum purchase is 60 kilos. Contact Georgia at jojabeans15@gmail.com within the USA only for Sample requests and details or info@lisaandleosorganic.com. Joja Beans is located on the East coast.Current Crop available now.

‘Organically Grown & Ethically Sourced’