Lasuna Heirloom

An heirloom varietal, all but forgotten for decades is available again. A young family discovers a large, mature arabica tree on the farm they have been gifted by relatives and decide to propagate the seeds from this single tree. The Damanik family are our ‘next door neighbors’ here in Simalungun. We added their farm in 2015 into our Farm Adoption Program and produced two small lots a Natural and a Washed / Dry hull coffee. This farm is managed by Ibu Esna, a young ‘entrepreneur’ farmer with tireless energy, enethusiasm and a refreshing attention to detail. We believe sometimes you just need a little assistance to reach your goals. The Farm Adoption Program is designed to jumpstart small farms and provide a Relationship Market Partner for the coffee produced on the farm. Read more about this on the Farm Adoption page.

Single Variety: Lasuna / Typica – Organic

Area: 1.5 hectares coffee and short term crops

Trees: 500+/- Different Maturity 6yrs to 3yrs

Farm Adoption: January 2015

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Sumatra Farmer Ibu Esna

Mature Fruits Produce Larger Beans

Lasuna Heirloom Washed Parchment