Our Farm

Traceable Coffee

All our Arabicas are single estate, which means they’re grown on one farm, not a combination of different locations. Careful attention to processing and packaging ensures the coffee is delivered with 100% traceability. We grow Andong Sari, a bourbon / caturra hybrid. We have both yellow and red varietals growing on the farm. These coffees have green tip new leaves that distinguish them from typicas.

   L&L Organic


Red Bourbon


Yellow Bourbon

Seedbeds and Nurseries

Organic farming is our personal choice.Organic certification is very strict for most importing countries, so we decided to start from seed. Sumatra has over 400 varietals and traceable coffee is difficult here. We went to the Jember Reasearch Center for Coffee and Chocolate to get some accurate information about varietals and seeds. Our largest current crop was started from seed purchased at the center. It is F1 Certified AS1 Andong Sari. A Bourbon varietal. Handpicked ripe cherry coffee was used to start our seedbeds for the heirloom varietals.

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Farm Selection and Preparation

No herbicides, just elbow grease was used to clear the land for planting.To ensure our Organic certification, we chose land which had not been farmed before. Soil tests and elevation check confirmed our choice in Simalungun, North Sumatra. After clearing the land we prepared a planting map for the coffee and planted leguminous shade trees at intervals within the planting areas. We farm in the Barisan Mountain Range, the sub regions are Silimakuta and Pematang Purba. In our original farm, Mariah Dolok we have the Red and Yellow Bourbon varietal planted. In our second farm, we have our Abyssinia Heirlooms, Onan Ganjang and Yellow Bourbon. Our Coffee Varietal Tab has details about our varietals and other Arabicas we source from Sumatra. Visit our ECO Tourism page to learn more about small group package trips to explore and learn about Sumatra and the unique coffees here.

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Planting and Crop Maintenance

Timing is everything.There are only two seasons in Sumatra; Rainy Season and Dry Season. The planting should be done at the beginning of a rainy season, so you must time your seedbeds, nurseries and farm prep for this time of year to ensure crop survival during the dry season. Only organic composts and fertilizers are used to feed the coffee trees. Coffee husks from local mills are used to make additional compost and control grass and weeds. Minor form pruning to develop single stem trees that will produce more coffee cherry fruit has been done. To control pests, a natural organic pesticide is used, Beuvaria Basiana is sprayed on the fruits.


Harvesting and Processing

All of our arabica is handpicked. Only ripe cherry is harvested. Because conditions vary in each microclimate, and elevations too, harvest starting time and duration also varies. At our higher elevation our harvest times are March to June and late September to December. Different processing methods are used to bring out the best cup profile of the varietals we plant. Read more about processing in Sumatra on the Processing Methods tab.