ECO Tourism

Enjoy Nature Fully in Simalungun Highlands

Welcome to Simalungun!

L&L Organic offers three different all inclusive ECO Tourism Packages that begin with hands on experiences at our coffee farm in Simalungun and finish up in your group’s choice of destinations. Great for coffee professionals, and coffee enthusiasts alike. These packages feature options that include time at Bukit Lawang or Samosir Island part of the Indonesia Experience.

For our visitors within Indonesia, we offer 2 day / 1 night and 3 day / 2 night Farm Stay packages for 2-4 persons. Contact Lisa for more information.

Volcanoes, stunning Lake Toba, majestic Barisan Mountain Range, and lots of monkeys and apes to keep things interesting. Moderate climates mean no need for A/C and great sleeping weather. A variety of local foods that are in season are prepared with organic herbs and spices to keep your tummy satisfied (and settled!).

Traveling to North Sumatra is a challenge, L&L Organic knows how to make it worth the effort. An affordable and unforgettable vacation that offers a chance to learn about the producer side of the coffee supply chain while exploring the natural beauty of Simalungun. Oh yeah, and you get to drink lots of fantastic coffee!


2019 Available Dates

    January Booked February Booked March 8 – 24 April Closed May 1 – 15 June 1 – 15 July 1 – 15 September 15 – 30 October 10 – 30 November 10 – 30 December 1 – 12

Many thanks to all who have made the trek to Simalungun. Your time is valuable, we’re glad you shared some of it with us. Sampai Jumpa Lagi – Till We Meet Again – Explore Indonesia!

Farmers Market Day

Each month on the last Sunday of the month we are open to the public. Our gates are open from 2pm until sunset [jam 14:00 – 18:00]. During this time we offer a “Seed to Cup” walking tour of our farm, facility and roastery. Admission price is the same as a movie ticket for all adults and includes brewed coffee or cascara beverage.Visit a working organic arabica coffee farm and learn about the coffee that makes Sumatra a well known name world wide. Explore Indonesia!
~Kid friendly & Pet friendly
~Fresh Roasted Beans & Green Beans available for purchase
~Fresh Produce and Plants available for purchase
~Fresh Baked Goods available for purchase

Seasonal Chores are Shared

Learn by Participation

Road Less Traveled

Find a New Path

Contact Lisa to receive an email with package details at:

Skype: or +1 402 509 5105

Local T: +62 081 16010004 [same number on Whats App]

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